Get Ready for a Wild Ride

Sinai Magazine is a youth geared publication, ran by college students. We’re looking for writers, photographers, and artists who are interested in creating all sorts of content. Sinai guarantees a relatively large amount of creative freedom. If you’re interested in writing or submitting artistic pieces centered around films, fashion, politics, social issues, sex/love, and travel, this is the perfect place for you! And those topics just scratch the surface. 

Job Description: All Sinai contributors are expected to submit a piece every two weeks. Pieces may be assigned by an editor, but we are open to accepting pitches from contributors as well. Contributors do not just have to be writers. We’d love to work with illustrators and photographers as well. While we are primarily a non fiction magazine, focused on providing news and critique, we are open to publishing original work in our Entertainment section and personal essays in our Lifestyle section.

How to Apply: It’s simple! Copy our application (listed below) into your own form, fill it out, and send it to us at We look forward to working with you!

General Contributor Application